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Full Throttle Kennel offers dog breeding and stud services.

Dogs have different dispositions and different personalities and when choosing two dogs to mate together, both should both have a good temperament. The temperament of the potential parents will be a good guide to predicting the temperament of any potential puppies.

Certain desired traits will remain the same across the board, for example, good health and good pedigree. Features such as breed type and aesthetics are also important. An owner will usually identify flaws in their dam whilst seeking a stud that holds these missing characteristics so that together they can make the perfect puppies.

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What qualities are you looking for in a retriever? Speed, great desire, wonderful attitude, excellent marking, amazing temperament? All these attributes and many more could be used to describe AJ Top Full Throttle’s Big Deal MH “Hoss”.

Hoss is a 85 lb athletic Labrador. He comes from a strong field trial pedigree, sired by 2011 NAFC Cody Cut A Lean Grade. His Dam’s side is also strong with several titled and nationally competitive dogs. He has all of his health clearances including EIC, CNM, hips, elbows, and eyes. He has been the quintessential team player, earning his Master title at an early age with a high success rate. Like his father, Hoss has an exceptional on/off switch. Land or water he retrieves with great speed and enthusiasm but, also knows how to relax at the end of a day of training or hunting. This quality makes him a wonderful companion and house dog.

Aside from testing Hoss has also been hunted extensively on upland and waterfowl. He is used as a guide dog for upland hunting and has been featured on the Fowl Life TV show for waterfowl. Probably Hoss’s most amazing feature though, is his temperament. He is truly a gentle giant that gets along with all dogs. He is a great babysitter and is perfectly willing to lay in the yard and play with a young puppy all afternoon. In limited breedings his puppies have already demonstrated some of his amazing qualities at a very young age. 

Females (DAMS)

Full Throttle’s Bad Habit MH QAA “Smoke”

Smoke is a 60 lb black female. Smoke won the first Qualifying she ever entered and received her Master title at a young age.  She is a great natural marker and a wonderful water dog. She is naturally a gifted, stylish, and talented dog.  From the get go she has always caught on to new concepts and has always had a willingness to get in and stay in the water. Smoke is an outstanding house dog and loves to relax by the couch after a day of training, testing, or hunting.

Full Throttle’s Ms Pistol’s Flower MH QA2 “Dandy”

Dandy is a 60 ib female out of FC AFC CJ’s Mister T and Automatic Det-A-Nator MH MNH QAA. Tiger and Auttie are proven producers with both producing FC AFC’s and MH’s. Tiger also has produced a National Amateur Champion and several national finalists. Dandy has had previous litters with great results. The puppies all show great desire and tractability at a young age. Aside from being a wonderful marker Dandy’s best attribute is her tractability and willingness to be a team player. Dandy has been guided for upland hunting and is also an excellent waterfowl dog. She is truly a sweetheart, great house dog, and has been a wonderful mother to her puppies.